Drug addiction constitutes one of the most serious problems that our society still has and, therefore, one of it's biggest challenges. It is very sad to see young people, especially those who started taking drugs out of curiosity, fall into such a strong dependance that they can't even control their own behaviour. A drug addict is a person who is ill and also suffers from an important value crisis.

NUEVA FRONTERA began in Sevilla in 1993 when the national president and co-founder, Adrián Casas Ruiz and a few general managers, supported by members of the Autonomous board of directors, left an association called "Centro Reto". NUEVA FRONTERA was founded as a social interest association with the following aims:

  1. The professional rehabilitation of people affected by drug addction and the HIV virus by means of breaking the drug habit and developing healthy habits with the assistance of psychiatrists, doctors and social workers.

  2. Their assimilation into society by means of vocational training and the appropriate studies in order to provide them with an efective and full rehabilitation as active persons in the work market and in society.

  3. The regeneration and construction of the social and family order formerly broken because of the drug addiction of the person, promoting the development of the person's personal relationships.

NUEVA FRONTERA works as a charitable organization. It is an open system and works therapeutically. It is an apolitical centre and does not discriminate against any race, sex or religion. We believe in human values and respect for the person's dignity. We try to encourage mutual help, solidarity, love for one another, self acceptance and acceptance of others in an open and sincere environment with a strict professional secret policy for the patients and workers.

Our responsibility is, in the first place, social and sanitary assistance for those who come to our centres in order to overcome their drug dependence and integrate themselves into society like the rest of the citizens. On the other hand we have the obligation, shared with the rest of society, to prevent drug use with the necessary information in order to always say: NO TO DRUGS. We fight against violence, crime and drug dealing by means of prevention campaigns and educations against the use of these toxic substances.

In order to enter NUEVA FRONTERA a therapeutic contract must be accepted. The norms and regulations that regulate rehabilitation are specified in this document which is read by the patient and his or her family. One of the aims of this contract and of the programme is not to lose contact with the family and for the family to see how the therapy is progressing. Once the first phase of the rehabilitation programme has ended the reinsertion programme starts. This programme is divided into the following parts: a) school-work shops where they will acquire professional formation and have the chance of undergoing or finishing their primary studies and b) weekly work therapies with partners and counselors where they will share their progress and where family participation is very important.

NUEVA FRONTERA cooperates with all those centres and institutions whose aim is the rehabilitation of drug addicts in an altruistic manner and we encourage all collaboration initiatives.

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