In our workshops, we teach the people that enter Nueva Frontera a trade or we work on the one they already have. The school-Work shops also provide the necessary resources to keep each centres' street markets active. When we pick up an objet, it goes through the work shops, where the necessary reparations or betterments will be made so that the product is apt to be sold in our street markets.


This job training project is based on school-work shops that recycle and restore furniture, electrical household appliances and paper. These material come from municipal pick-up companies with which we have agreements.

Mechanics, Ironing and Painting

This work shop prepares its learners for the execution of mechanic, paneling and painting tasks that people order.

The cars that are donated are also repaired to sell them later with garantees that it will work. Do not hesitate, this could be your chance to find a safe car for a very special price.

General School-Workshop

Carpentry, Plumbing, Bricklaying, Painting, etc. are done. Some of the poeple that enter our centres have a lot of experience in these trades.

The rest of the patients are benefited when they learn a partner's trade and it's easier for them to go back to the work market.



Restoration School-Workshop

In this workshop we teach them the different phases that the restauration of an antique piece of furniture has. We restore furniture that comes from donations and also private orders.

This work comes from learning from a commercial firm that is dedicated to this. The specializations is very big and the final results are spectacular.

Don't hesitate in asking us what we can do with an old piece of furniture of yours.

Electricity and Soldering School-Workshop

In this workshop electrical installations are done for both domestic and industrial needs; they are carried out by qualified personnel possessing official installation cards. Because of this way all jobs have the guarantee of a correct installation.

The soldering workshop allows us to specialize professionals that take part in other work shops, such as the repair of electical household appliances or metal sheets.

Household Appliance Repair School-Workshop

This is one of the workshops which involves more work and which later on enables us to sell electric household appliances which, although second-hand, are in good working order.

In this work shop the students will receive practical skills in electricity, electronics and everything concerning the repair of electric household appliances.