Mapa de Comunidades Autonomicas

Community of Andalucía

Location Telephone Responsable E-Mail
Sevilla 95.496.08.03
José Miguel Cáceres Selma  
Córdoba 957.23.29.00 José Miguel Cáceres Selma  
Malaga 952.41.23.77
Miguel Angel Quecuti Martínez  
Granada 958.81.23.51 José Miguel Cáceres Selma  

Our centres are practicaly all over Andalucía, which is one of the communities from which we receive more help from its people and institutions, allowing us to deal with a wider territory than other communities.

In all the centres we carry out the same task of helping those who leave their drug addiction.

Institutions like the City Council of Sevilla have offered us occupational courses and jobs for the community. Some commercial firms help us with food and equipment to keep the centre functioning.

Community of Catalunya

Location Telephone Responsable E-Mail
Barcelona Alfonso Mouriz Valdés  
Sabadell 93.712.31.25 Alfonso Mouriz Valdés  
Lleida 973.23.02.90 Alfonso Mouriz Valdés  
Girona   Alfonso Mouriz Valdés  

In Catalunya, we started out with a centre in Lleida, and due to its success and the collaboration of the people who have been helping us these years, we have opened another centre in the city of Barcelona itself.

Our centres work thanks to the citizen's collaborations and to the commercial firms that give us food and equipment.

One of the street-markets which is giving best results is the one in Barcelona,where you can find practically anything . Don't hesitate to visit our section of the "Street-market" where you will probably find something that can be useful for you and you will be helping people break their drug addiction at the same time.

Community of Canarias

Location Telephone Responsable E-Mail
Las Palmas 928.22.86.82 (oficina)
Alejandro Suarez Díaz  
Tenerife 922.66.04.51
Alejandro Suarez Díaz  

Community of Valencia

Localización Teléfono Responsable E-Mail